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  eIFL-OA in Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan Library Information Consortium eIFL-OA in Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan Library Information Consortium eIFL-OA in Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan Library Information Consortium eIFL-OA in Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan Library Information Consortium  


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Open Access in Kyrgyzstan



Libraries of Kyrgyzstan  aware of their important role in providing of  free  and open access to research  information for people, that is the key point of civic community. Open Access is a tool which could make local research visible worldwide for free.


Leading academic and university libraries of Kyrgyzstan, using new technologies, implement the information provision effective system of scientists, candidates, students and other kinds of users of the country forming electronic libraries, and repositories with the framework of international initiatives on Open Access. 


On May, 2006 the Kyrgyz Libraries Information Consortium (KLIC) (http;//www.bik.org.kg) in collaboration with the Library of American University of Central Asia (AUCA) (http;//library.auca.kg) initiated the Open Access in Kyrgyzstan, conducting the "Creation institutional Repository: Open Electronic Library"  workshop for university and academic libraries of Kyrgyzstan.


AUCA library specialists have acted as trainers of the workshop. They have  practical experience in the field of institutional repository implementation at AUCA.


It is necessary to mention that American University of Central Asia is the pilot university on the basis of which all the technologies of the Electronic Archive (testing and installation of the repository software, documents digitalization, metadata entering and editing, etc.) have been developed.


After the workshop, KLIC and AUCA library have received positive appreciations from participant-libraries which expressed their desire for creation of own repository (Central Academic Library of Academy for Sciences, Central Academic Library for Medicine, etc.).


Besides, some libraries have expressed their wishes to create a corporate repository of scientific works of scientists of Kyrgyazstan.


Corporate repository creation idea has met for a long time to libraries needs of the country, such as:

- Integration of electronic resources of academic and university libraries,

- Maintenance of safety and open access to research and scientific works of scientists,,

- Electronic full text resources development in Kyrgyzstan for information support of science, education and public life of Kyrgyzstan


As a result, on October 2006 the Kyrgyz Libraries Information Consortium  in collaboration with AUCA library prepared "New forms of library service of scientists of Kyrgyzstan on the basis of creation of the corporate electronic repository of abstracts of dissertations" project and submitted it to Soros Kyrgyzstan Foundation for financial support.


On February 2007, the project, sponcered by Soros Kyrgyzstan Foundation, launched.


Libraries of Kyrgyzstan have already good experience of corporate work. The bright example of it is creation of the unit catalogue. Therefore, corporate electronic repository creation is following important step in corporate cooperation development and information interchange.


The main goal of the project is to implement the Corporate Electronic Repository (archive) of Full Text Abstracts of Dissertations (CRAD) in order to collect, store and provide open and free access to scientific work of scientists of Kyrgyzstan, and for all global research community,


Creation of corporate repository aims to be the Kyrgyz contribution to the Open Access movement,


12 leading academic and university libraries of Bishkek  have taken part in the project. Two university libraries from region of the country, Jalalabad and Karakol. have joined during realization of the project.


The very important thing is that the Corporate Archive of works of scientists' of Kyrgyzstan is the first project in Central Asia on implementation of open access full text scientific electronic resources among other corporative projects


As the result of the Project implementation (February-October 2007), the Open Archive of Scientific Work project was implemented, which is formed as a unique database of full text electronic abstracts of dissertations/ dissertations and is increased with new documents regularly. Free DSpace software  is used as a program platform of the corporate repository.


The CRAD database is available on the web site  http://oel.bik.org.kg/


Currently, 170 full text documents (2 dissertations and 168 abstracts of dissertations) in Russian and Kyrgyz languages on economics, natural sciences, medicine, technical sciences, history, etc. were published in the Corporate Repository database.


Each document in the Corporate Repository database contains the annotated bibliographic record with attached full text abstract of dissertation/dissertation in PDF format.


As the Database of the Repository is added with new materials regularly, visiting statistics rises actively. For example, 80 to 110 users from Kyrgyzstan, CIS and foreign countries visited it every day on average.


Any document is published in the Repository in personal consent of the author by signing author's contract, which determines the rights and responsibilities of the author and the participant-libraries of the project, and the access level of the electronic resource.


Web site of the project (CRAD) (http://krad.bik.org.kg/) is designed, which gives full information about the project, participant-libraries of the project, "Open electronic archives" page, and other useful information are opened to give full information on Open Access movement.


Within the project two workshops on Open Access,  creation of the institutional repository, open archives of research publications, corporate repository implementatuion, etc. have conducted (March 15-16, September 12, 2007).


On April 17, 2008 the Project Council decided to expand corporate repository collections through placing on monographs and research articles of scientists of Kyrgyzstan in the repository.  


The Kyrgyz Libraries Information Consortium conducts great work on Open Access development in Kyrgyzstan. Open Access booklets have been prepared for researches and libraries. Presentations of project results for researches of several universities of Bishkek have been lead by the KLIC.


Besides, Kyrgyz community has been informed  about Open Access initiative in Kyrgyzstan through .

Mass Media.


Some information is available






Open Access initiative in Kyrgyzstan provides open access to research information, improves scientific communication, promotes research in the country, and provides equal access to information and knowledge.


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