Sports have been around in every country for centuries, so has the betting options over those games. Although sports bettors have been learning new concepts and applications over the years, it was casino gambling that witnessed a massive growth in the past few decades. The games of chance are now being accessed more than the other forms of entertainment, mostly because of the luxury the halls possess with those classy tables and chandeliers. However, that attractive element has also be dissolved these days by offering gamblers the option to bet online.


Casino gambling seems to be the favorite of millions of people across the globe even today, but not all of them go in for a game knowing everything about the session. It is important that you understand more about what you are signing up for. Though some gamblers believe books to be a stinking possession, many others love reading and the way it works wonders for you. For every beginner, books based on gambling could be of great help. Let us look at some of the best casino gambling books of all time.

1.      Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways

Andrew Brisman’s Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling is undoubtedly the best book that takes you through the basics of the games offered in casinos. The organization of people with high-level IQs is called Mensa, and there couldn’t be a better person to guide you on casino gambling. Several house-banked card games are covered in this book inside out to help you understand the rules and etiquette. Not many books have effectively taken a comprehensive approach to the working of casino gambling and the section of probability. Games such as roulette, blackjack, video poker, slots, poker, keno, craps, and baccarat are described more for their concepts that go unnoticed. Strategies for each game are also discussed in the game to help you gain an advantage over the house edge.

2.      American Casino Guide

The only book that gets updated annually to provide you with information regarding travel and the games is the American Casino Guide by Steve Bourie. A series of popular YouTube gambling videos have been recorded by the author, who also has almost forty years of experience in the gambling industry. These footages are available to watch even now, and they will aid in the study while you read the book. Every change in the American casino industry is recorded in the next edition to brief the readers about the aspects they may not be privy to. Most casino games are covered in the book, with the best bets and coupons being focused on more.


3.      The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book

Lance Humble’s The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book is not all about the game in the title but also the life of the author as a gambler. As a card counter, he was fascinated to try new things on the table. Strategies are explained at length, but many of them are dated. However, it is surely a great read for blackjack players.

The 3 Best Gambling Books of All Time

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