The main goal of the Consortium is to consolidate the efforts of library Associations and public associations of librarians of Kyrgyzstan, other state and public organizations working in the field of informatization, to coordinate their activities and express common interests, to develop and improve the information space of Kyrgyzstan and integrate it into the world information community, for solutions to social, cultural, educational, scientific problems.

The main tasks of the Consortium are:

development and improvement of the system of library and information services for the population of the Kyrgyz Republic,
formation and implementation of a policy in the field of information services, taking into account the world level of development of information technologies,
increasing the role of Kyrgyzstan in the global information space,
attraction of domestic and foreign investments in the development of information infrastructure and information resources of libraries of Kyrgyzstan,
implementation of measures aimed at the formation and integration of information resources of libraries of the Kyrgyz Republic,
creation, development and support of the necessary information infrastructure in the regions of the republic,
organizational support and formation of a management structure for automation and integration processes,
organization of a system of training and retraining of specialists that ensure the functioning and development of the information environment of integrated library resources, based on the best world experience and modern trends in the development of information technologies, communications and learning technologies,
implementation of information exchange with other organizations and associations working in the field of the global information process.