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Top Gambling Books of All Time

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Casino Royale

Exploring the world of Casino Royale is always a new and energizing experience that one needs to understand and look into for the better.

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Best Gambling Books You Needed to Study in 2021

Gambling Books

Learning to gamble is not a hobby that everyone discovers and likes immediately. Most people’s idea of gambling is only limited to getting lucky. Only the ones who dare to explore the complexity of the games found in casinos make it successfully to the other side of professionals. Although there are no hard strategies for any casino game, experts have researched different aspects to create guides and books for interested readers. Here are the most popular books on gambling that you need to study if you are serious about learning.

Complete Guide to Gambling by Scarne, John Scarne

This book, written by John Scarne, is a tool for every reader who wants the right guidance in their early learning stages. It will teach you the rules and history of different casino games and some secrets that Scarne shares. It is a fun-to-read book made simple for readers who can enjoy exploring the world of casinos. You will also get to learn about the tricks and cheats that gamblers have used in the past. Overall, it becomes a referring guide to anyone who wants a gambling book to read while traveling or coming back home.


Beating the Casino at their Own Game, Peter Svoboda

Peter Svoboda provides an in-depth guide on gambling with colorful illustrations that are fun to browse. It contains some of the most amazing texts and examples on gambling that is suitable for beginners and advanced level players. Just by reading this book, you will be able to participate in most card and table games. You can read about different casino games in a simple language so that next time you are in a casino, you are ready.

The Professor, the Suicide King, and the Banker, Michael Craig

Michael Craig successfully illustrates the game of poker and how adventurous it can get in poker, due to which it is a world-popular game. The book shares instances from the glamor and glitz of Vegas. Michael shares different examples from the games that teach readers about the mindset of poker players. You will also learn about the professional players in Vegas and their huge successes in gambling throughout their careers.

Roll the Bones, David G. Schwartz

Roll the Bones is an exciting book sharing the real-life experience of David G. Schwartz. These stories are only meant for entertainment purposes and do not suggest that you do the same after reading what the writer did. It is an excellent read for those who want to learn about the origins of the most popular card games. This book also contains stories from history that mention some of the biggest winners and their strategies to win at games.

The 3 Best Gambling Books of All Time

Gambling Books

Sports have been around in every country for centuries, so has the betting options over those games. Although sports bettors have been learning new concepts and applications over the years, it was casino gambling that witnessed a massive growth in the past few decades. The games of chance are now being accessed more than the other forms of entertainment, mostly because of the luxury the halls possess with those classy tables and chandeliers. However, that attractive element has also be dissolved these days by offering gamblers the option to bet online.


Casino gambling seems to be the favorite of millions of people across the globe even today, but not all of them go in for a game knowing everything about the session. It is important that you understand more about what you are signing up for. Though some gamblers believe books to be a stinking possession, many others love reading and the way it works wonders for you. For every beginner, books based on gambling could be of great help. Let us look at some of the best casino gambling books of all time.

1.      Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways

Andrew Brisman’s Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling is undoubtedly the best book that takes you through the basics of the games offered in casinos. The organization of people with high-level IQs is called Mensa, and there couldn’t be a better person to guide you on casino gambling. Several house-banked card games are covered in this book inside out to help you understand the rules and etiquette. Not many books have effectively taken a comprehensive approach to the working of casino gambling and the section of probability. Games such as roulette, blackjack, video poker, slots, poker, keno, craps, and baccarat are described more for their concepts that go unnoticed. Strategies for each game are also discussed in the game to help you gain an advantage over the house edge.

2.      American Casino Guide

The only book that gets updated annually to provide you with information regarding travel and the games is the American Casino Guide by Steve Bourie. A series of popular YouTube gambling videos have been recorded by the author, who also has almost forty years of experience in the gambling industry. These footages are available to watch even now, and they will aid in the study while you read the book. Every change in the American casino industry is recorded in the next edition to brief the readers about the aspects they may not be privy to. Most casino games are covered in the book, with the best bets and coupons being focused on more.


3.      The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book

Lance Humble’s The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book is not all about the game in the title but also the life of the author as a gambler. As a card counter, he was fascinated to try new things on the table. Strategies are explained at length, but many of them are dated. However, it is surely a great read for blackjack players.

Top 5 Gambling Books Available in the Market Today

Gambling Books

When you are serious about making a successful career in gambling, you need the right advice and guidance. It is difficult to find a mentor in gambling as most professionals are too busy to give you personal training. Fortunately, some of them have taken time to write books that can help readers learn inside out about casino games and the art of gambling. Some of these books share the betting strategies and tricks, while others focus more on different perspectives that a gambler needs to develop. Here are the books that you can find in the market today.

casino games

Enemy Number One, Patrick Veitch

Patrick Veitch has provided one of the best betting guidebooks to the readers. This book explains his journey of constructing a multi-million-pound fortune in eight years. This biography is entertaining while also providing a system for readers to learn about sports betting.

Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games, Michael Shackleford

If you are a beginner and want to start with the basic strategies of the games that you found interesting in your first visit to a casino, then this book is for you. It is a simple guide to learn strategies for different casino games, as the title says. Even the intermediates can refer to this book to check if they have missed something. You can also visit Shackleford’s website to get in-depth knowledge of each of the games.

Knock-Out Blackjack, Olaf Vancura, Ph.D., and Ken Fuchs

If you are looking for a book to learn card counting in a single day magically, you will be disappointed. However, if you are an aspiring card counter and know there are no shortcuts, this book will help you learn easily. This is not a basic card counting system but a devised one that several gambling experts use. The authors try to keep things simple while explaining how the system works. It is a good guide for all level gamblers.

How to be a Professional Gambler, Greg Elder

This edition of the pro-gambling textbooks explains three games – video poker, slot machines, and blackjack. The first two volumes of the book are based on making your game profitable. This is a book for advanced readers who want to learn other aspects of gambling, assuming they already know most things that are not explained in the book. It is a good keep for anyone who is interested in enhancing their knowledge of recreational gambling.

Optimal Play: Mathematical Studies of Games and Gambling, Stewart N. Ethier and William R. Eadington

This expert-level read is only meant for advanced players who have a fair grasp of math and gambling. It is a collection of mathematical studies on casino games that may interest scholars more than recreational gamblers. Experts believe it is the most comprehensive source of gambling guidance available to the readers. If you have a math degree, then this quick book will give you enough entertainment for a long holiday to understand the winning strategies and how they were developed.