Libraries of Kyrgyzstan aware of their important role in providing of free and open access to research information for people, that is the key point of civic community. Open Access is a tool which could make local research visible worldwide for free.

Leading academic and university libraries of Kyrgyzstan, using new technologies, implement the information provision effective system of scientists, candidates, students and other kinds of users of the country forming electronic libraries, and repositories with the framework of international initiatives on Open Access.

On May, 2006 the Kyrgyz Libraries Information Consortium (KLIC) (http;// in collaboration with the Library of American University of Central Asia (AUCA) (http;// initiated the Open Access in Kyrgyzstan, conducting the “Creation institutional Repository: Open Electronic Library” workshop for university and academic libraries of Kyrgyzstan.

AUCA library specialists have acted as trainers of the workshop. They have practical experience in the field of institutional repository implementation at AUCA.

It is necessary to mention that American University of Central Asia is the pilot university on the basis of which all the technologies of the Electronic Archive (testing and installation of the repository software, documents digitalization, metadata entering and editing, etc.) have been developed.

After the workshop, KLIC and AUCA library have received positive appreciations from participant-libraries which expressed their desire for creation of own repository (Central Academic Library of Academy for Sciences, Central Academic Library for Medicine, etc.).

Besides, some libraries have expressed their wishes to create a corporate repository of scientific works of scientists of Kyrgyazstan.