The Association “Library and Information Consortium” is a voluntary non-profit, non-governmental association of library associations and public associations, other organizations working in the field of informatization to meet the needs of society for information.

The consortium’s activities are aimed at:

development of informatization of society and librarianship in Kyrgyzstan ;
creation of national information resources and databases ;
further development of interlibrary integration and cooperation ;
support of training and educational programs in the field of information support .
Development of informatization of society in Kyrgyzstan
The consortium is an active participant in projects aimed at developing an information base to support science, education and culture. The Consortium of Libraries of Kyrgyzstan is a member of the Electronic Information for Libraries eIFL project , thanks to which the country gained access to the resources of modern scientific periodicals in all areas of science, culture, technology. More than 20 thousand titles of electronic periodicals in full text are available to all interested organizations, the general public through the network of libraries in Kyrgyzstan.

The participation of the Consortium of Libraries of Kyrgyzstan in the eIFL project has made it possible to significantly increase the level of library and information services in the country, and is also intended to remove all barriers to broad and free access to information for residents of Kyrgyzstan.