Management bodies of the Consortium are:
Conference of members of “Library Information Consortium” Association,,
Council of directors of the Consortium, in the person of the President and Vice-president,
The coordinator,
Revision committee

Conference of members of “Library Information Consortium” Association is the supreme body of management.

Conference is conducted as required, but not less often than once per one year and is considered to be competent if not less than 60 % of members of the Consortium or their representatives take part in it.

To the exclusive competence of Conference of the Consortium concerns:

Confirmation of the Regulation, other normative acts of the Consortium, insertion of changes and additions in it.
Election and dismissal of members of Council of directors of the Library Information Consortium, and also members of the Revision Committee.
Confirmation of long-term plans of development and activity of the Consortium, annual reports, financial balance and the estimate.
Decision of questions on creation of branches, etc.,
Acceptance of decisions on reorganization or the terminations of activity of the Consortium,
Other questions stipulated by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and the present Regulation.

Decisions on the questions concerning the exclusive competence of Conference, are considered to be accepted if more than 2/3 present members of the Consortium has voted for them and considered obligatory for all members.The executive body of the consortium which carries out management, acceptance and performance of decisions in the accounting period, is the Council of directors of the Library-Information Consortium led by the President and Vice-president, and also the Coordinator of the consortium, elected on Conference.